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 Red House of Hope:
Mental Health & Addiction Stories

Ben's Story

Benjamin Davis died November 2, 2019, at the age of thirty from an overdose to heroin.  It was one of the most painful experiences that a mother could ever endure.  Benjamin was born to his mother at the early age of eighteen and she named him with utmost care choosing the name “Benjamin” because it meant “Son of her right hand." 


Ben was a beautiful person inside and out and was loved by many. What people do not understand is that Ben’s true struggle was his attempt to hide the pain he felt inside and his fight to measure up to others which opened the door to addiction.  The world had beaten him up both emotionally and physically through ignorant parenting and an absent father.  These emotional hardships left Ben with little self-worth which resulted in painful feelings of rejection, worthlessness, and abandonment.  Ben’s personality was bigger than life and he was full of love and forgiveness.   Ben was extremely charismatic and could carry an intelligent sincere conversation with anyone from CEO to a homeless person on the street.  Ben was respectful towards everyone which made him so special. A true gift from the Lord. He was loving, caring, funny, driven, athletic, loyal, hardworking, and selfless. 

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When Ben was doing well, he would always put the needs of others first helping in any way he

could such as food, money, ride, or warm clothes to wear.  He genuinely cared about people especially to those who struggled with addiction. 

Ben was a believer in Jesus Christ and knew Jesus as a child but had a tough time believing that God would ever forgive someone like him as an adult. Driven by the will to survive, Ben fought his demons hard, but they were like a monkey on his back. Relentless!  After years of suffering he eventually lost hope.


Ben is survived by his beautiful daughter, Nova, who is the love of his life now and forever even in heaven.  Ben’s little offspring brings great joy to Ben’s family that he is not forever gone but shows up in the smile and caring personality of his daughter.  Thank you, Jesus!


The Red House of Hope ministry offers families, like Ben’s, the support they need to help them get through the tough times when it feels like there is no hope left.  Hardship comes in many forms and the world is cruel and does not have any prejudices, Jesus came to save those who were lost, and the Red House of Hope ministry walks in Jesus’s teachings and word offering hope to those who are lost and need support.  I encourage people spread the word and help the lost and hurting.   

Josh's Story

I am grateful for Gods grace and patience with me throughout

my fight against my addiction. I am also thankful for the patience

of my family and friends and the tough love they gave me. All I

can say is that community plays a very important role in helping

people with their issues and struggles. I think in a world that

has so many things that seem to sidetrack people from the true

purpose God has for them that it is important we provide things

such as mentors, places, events, and a community to help people

be surrounded bypeople who want nothing more than to see the best for a person and to help them try and find their true purpose in life. The way I have seen people network to have such a positive impact on people is incredible. People from different churches and backgrounds have come together all for a common purpose to help serve God by being good stewards of their time and resources to help others and I think this is of real importance as we go through these tough times.

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When I was asked to speak at a celebration of life for Justina Schummer (Tina) I would not have known that I was going to make new connections that would help me get to where I am today. I know that I wanted to use my testimony to inspire others to seek God's help and grace by faith through Jesus Christ. I was asked by a friend who could not make it to speak at the event and little did I know that I would make friends with a lady who later ended up introducing me to her husband and her friends and fellow church members who would later come alongside me in recovery.

Just meeting that one person at this celebration of life event would alter my future and save my life. I had spiraled back into drug addiction after a relapse and I was in a very dark place in my addiction when I received a message from my soon-to-be friend Melissa- Founder of Red house of Hope who happened to be organizing the event for addiction awareness that I spoke at. Her husband and fellow ministry friends came over and had an intervention with my mom and me. I knew at once that all these people who wanted the best for me were telling me the same thing, that I needed to get help. The point I want to make clear is the importance of community, and that bringing others together can make a difference. Who would have thought that going to an event and the exchange of contact information would later lead to a text message that kept from death?

Watch Josh's Testimony Here

Justina's Story

Tina passed away on March 30th, 2019 at age 27 after a battle with mental health and addiction. Tina was growing in her faith in Jesus but continued to be pushed up against the darkness of this world. Tina often described her addiction as, “the monkey on her back” and fought hard to believe in the victory of Jesus Christ. 


Tina gave hope to so many through her words, acts of kindness, and artwork even when she could not find hope for herself. Tina is remembered for the sincere love she had for others. She had a heart for the hurting and often provided for those in need.  Although Tina is no longer in this world, the impact of her life continues to be great. In 2019, a benefit was held in honor of Tina to bring awareness to addiction which brought opportunities for lives to be saved. (See Josh Walters testimony)

The Red House of Hope was founded in remembrance of Tina and those who have been lost due to mental health and addiction. It is even more so for those who will find hope and have a different ending to their story.  

We will not forget our loved one's lost to this world. We are here to help anyone seeking HOPE for mental health, addiction, poverty and community well-being.


Breathe in Breathe out

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